7 Tips on How to get the Perfect Lip Colour to Last

Published by Lori Leib on 13th Oct 2014

7 Tips on How to Get the PERFECT Lip Color to LAST! #Bodyography

Posted By Stevie Wilson on Oct 7, 2014 | 2 comments

Given that this fall is all about lip color and making lips a statement with deep, bold colors, the trick is to get the color to last. While summer might be easier to go au naturelle, Fall 2014 just doesn’t work that way. It’s about bold, deeply pigmented lips and having the lip color stay put!

The trick is just HOW TO DO THAT! Lori Leib, the Bodyography Creative Director, has all the answers!

Bodyography Creative Director and professional makeup artist, Lori Leib shows you how to achieve the perfect fall lipstick that will last.

How to get your lipstick to last, Autumn addition:

Step 1: Exfoliate and hydrate your lips with Bodyography Exfoliating Lip Duo, this creates a beautiful base for any lip color.


Step 2: Lightly dab off the solid oil from the Exfoliating Lip Duo with a tissue after a few minutes – now your lips are prepped for color.


Step 3: Choose a smooth plum colored lip pencil like Bodyography’s Rosewood Lip Pencil and line the outside of your lips.


Step 4: Use this same pencil to color in the entire lip.


Step 5: Take a pressed powder, I used Bodyography’s Every Finish Powder in Translucent and lightly brush some of the powder over the lip liner to create a nice matte base.


Step 6: Apply a warm plum toned lipstick like Havana Sheer Lip Stick all over the lips, blot with a tissue and apply again. Link to image:


Step 7: You should now be left with a long-lasting, sexy Autumn lip!


I love the breakdown on this topic! It’s so easy and it really works!

Stevie Wilson,